How we’ve helped

How we’ve helped – the testimonials

Thumbnail of someone making notesGlen from Essex |”As a member of FNF, I was fortunate to make contact with John Denbigh who helped me gain overnight staying contact and extended holiday contact with my son for which I am extremely grateful. John worked on my case for four years and was a great support. He was always available on the telephone and his email replies were spontaneous. His organisation of the information, writing of court statements and verbal ability in the courts was exceptional. Without John’s advice, support and vast experience in dealing with the family courts, my son would never have had the contact schedule he enjoys now. I would highly recommend John Denbigh as a McKenzie friend to any father out there who needs a representative who has integrity, empathy and is self driven to ensure you get the best possible contact schedule available. I was also able to meet John face to face on several occasions to discuss my case and I must say John was a fantastic listener but also realistic. I believe the vast experience John has would be of great value to any father who requires a representative that will do the very best he can for your case.”

Paul from Milton Keynes | “John Denbigh has been a tower of strength for me over the last 18 months. He has a very eloquent, professional, yet warm manner and assimilates information both quickly and effectively. This then leads on to him providing me with advice and direction which has always been very clear and reasoned. John’s calming manner is a great asset whilst preparing for court and then when in chambers. I have come to rely on him during this difficult time and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Irvin from Watford | “I have found John Denbigh’s advice and support to be invaluable during my recent court case. John was always on hand to offer help, was responsive and attentive to the various problems that came up, and always gave high quality advice. He was very helpful in advising on the best way to prepare and present a statement for maximum effect, and took time and care in doing this. One of the most helpful aspects of his work was attendance at court, in which John was reliable and supportive, making valuable points and suggestions. He gave much vital advice and help in adjournment discussions, including liaising with third parties. This was invaluable, as third parties such as Cafcass and NYAS will often ignore or try to pressure fathers; but with John’s assistance they were not able to do this – resulting in ground being given and concessions made that otherwise may not have been. I would not hesitate to recommend John Denbigh and feel sure his support will always be an asset in any court case.”

Thumbnail of father and son at the fair, driving a dodgemSimon from Stratford | “John helped me from the very beginning of my contact case, I was in dire straits and had suffered some terrible allegations (abuse etc). I was not even seeing my son at all when john first began to help. My son was suffering – he was picking scabs, becoming withdrawn and there was other behaviour. The courts were just lapping up everything my ex said. But with John’s help I got supervised contact then normal contact soon after. I now have a court order which my ex sticks to 99% of the time. It is well written, very clear, and about as fair as you can get with the UK family courts.

As a testament to this, I have been able to take my son to Eurodisney and Butlins this year – something that was only a distant dream before John helped me. But more importantly my son is happy, he is doing very well at school, no longer exhibits any of the bad behaviour, and we have formed a fantastic relationship. The way he helped can not be faulted – he was always willing to go that extra mile, he helped with all my documents, he gave me numerous examples of how something should be written and he wrote my entire court statement. John talked to my ex’s solicitor outside of the court room and made our position clear on many occassions, being firm when needed. I have every faith in his advice, as I utterly believe he was working my son’s best interest every step of the way. More than that though, he was a great friend during a very difficult time, and he has certainly earned my lifetime friendship. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter how many times i say thanks it will never be enough.”

 Mike from Croydon | “I have known John for over a year as he was the Mc Kenzie friend who assisted me in an important Prohibited Steps, and Custody matter in 2009. Since then I have referred and consulted with John on many matters. Quite frankly, I am grateful for his assistance, which I have always found to be extremely practical. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to those that need help with their case and I wish John well in his endeavours.”

Thumbnail of a blackboard with drawings of a mobile phone on itFaissal from Wandsworth | “I contacted John at short notice as I was in need of a McKenzie Friend for advice on how to prepare for the first directions meeting. Using his experience, he advised me of the best approach to take and made time to review my forms and statements. At the meeting, he acted in a professional manner and it was really useful to have someone with me to listen to what was being said and to take notes. This was followed through with typed-up notes of the meeting – so valuable when everything was a blur to me! I would highly recommend John to anyone requiring a McKenzie Friend.”


 Greg from London | “I met John under very difficult and emotionally-charged circumstances, which sadly all too many fathers with estranged partners and children find themselves in. His knowledge and compassion were exemplary and also extremely calming. Factual and caring, fearless and informed – he helped me in ways that still fill me with confidence today some three years later. I have no hesitation what so ever in advising others to seek out his expertise to help in legal situations regarding fair parenting and advice on family law. He was wonderful to me and has helped my children in ways that I find difficult to express on their behalf. A more selfless and giving person i have never met. I truly mean every word.

 Thumbnail of sleeping girl with rucksackJohn from London | “I first contacted John Denbigh on Boxing Day 2009 – I had just found out that my ex-wife had applied for leave to remove to take my daughter permanently to Western Canada. This was an earth-shattering moment and I desperately needed someone on my side who understood both my legal and emotional position. John replied almost immediately and reassured me that there was hope, and it was all worth a fight. I felt instantly much better about my situation and John demonstrated to me that he had the skills and experience to help. He was realistic about the likely outcomes and made me aware of what was achievable and what wasn’t. My situation was grim but much the better for having John at my side.

The court appearances were at awkward times and with short notice, but John was always there – arriving early for a coffee and a pre-hearing discussion. I was never going to win my case but I got the best deal I could get, and that was all down to John.

The last stages of the negotiations were far too complex and emotional for me to make a valuable contribution but John just pressed on despite me! My ex-wife had a highly-paid solicitor acting on her behalf but I feel I was far better represented by John than she was by her solicitor. I am delighted that John is going to take on more cases as a Mackenzie friend and have no doubt that others will be very happy that he is helping them.”

Photo of a girl holding a handmade love heart saying 'I love you daddy'A Berkshire Dad fighting for better contact | “I have found John Denbigh to be an excellent McKenzie. His pre-court help with statements and general advice is very reliable, timely and has been an enormous help to me. He has a very good understanding the Family Court process and jargon, and a clear way of explaining it. He is very accessible and responds to telephone messages and emails quickly. His note-taking at my final hearing was first-class, and the write-up proved to be a very accurate when compared with the official full transcript of the hearing, I subsequently received. I continue to avail myself of John’s services and would have no hesitation in recommending him.”


 Michael from Bexleyheath | “John has been representing me in my attempt to regain contact with my children via the court and in this, I have only positive, encouraging words to say about him. His paperwork and preparation for the court hearings is excellent and also in his oral representation of me in the court room. John is always on hand to give advice and replies to texts, emails and phone calls from me promptly. He is very knowledgeable and conscientious and I would recommend him unreservedly to work full-time for McKenzie friends.”